The Right Title For Your Book

Creating the right title for your novel or nonfiction work is critical.  It not only should communicate what your story is about but it ought to catch the eye of the reader, and, more importantly, the agent or editor you’re trying to solicit.   I always found that the best titles have double or even triple meanings.  Take SWEET DATES IN BASRA, by Jessica Jiji.  Her novel is a story about a Jewish boy who falls in love with a Muslim girl in idyllic, 1940s Basra, Iraq.  This title works on several levels: 1. From a literal perspective, the dates — the actual fruits — from Basra were among the sweetest in Iraq; 2. From a poetic, sentimental perspective, the title reflects a lost Iraq that no longer exists, e.g., the sweet dates of the protagonist’s youth; and 3. From a narrative perspective, the sweet dates represent the very few times these two lovers had a chance to meet.  That’s a literary trifecta!