Book Coach Ripoff

I recently stumbled across the “book coach” industry, in which individuals with certain marketing backgrounds charge a lot of thousands of dollars to help writers publish (usually self-publish) their works.  It seems that book coaches advise with respect to brand and marketing, and they counsel and/or edit and/or ghostwrite (for extra fees) as well.  They advise on website development in support of the book, oversee the self-publishing and printing process, and some also appear to promise introductions of their writers to literary agents and publishers.  The amount of money these folks get seems to be rather astounding, considering the mostly marketing advice they dole out — most of which is available online, for free, to diligent and determined writers.  Save your money on book coaches.  Generally, you can find better writing advice at any number of writing workshops; if your book is good, and you’re diligent, you can secure a literary agent; and, if you really need help, you can hire an excellent ghostwriter for less than some of these book coaches charge.  Moreover, if Amazon’s self-publishing procedures overwhelm you, just retain their CreateSpace service, and they’ll do it all for you.

Of course, there are also a few brilliant individuals who offer one-stop-shopping writing workshop and editing services, along with literary representation, to excellent writers.  And they charge a lot less!  (hint, hint)