Embodied Writers at Naropa University

I spent a few days recently at Naropa University, researching my new book FINDING BUDDHA IN AMERICA, and was very impressed with the writing program they run there through the well known Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics.  The school attracts not just Buddhists but experimental writers, and their four-week, highly regarding Summer Writing Program featured readings and performances by Anne Waldman, Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth), Amiri Bakara and Laurie Anderson.  Have to say I was most impressed with Anne Waldman, a well-known poet, Vajryana Buddhist, and co-founder of the school.  Her muscular poetry, set to music performed by her son, Ambrose Bye, reminded me of something that Jim Morrison of The Doors might be doing if he hadn’t become disembodied back in 1971.  Very cool stuff out there in Boulder, Colorado.