Editing Services

For writers serious about publishing their works but not available to attend the workshop sessions, Jeff also offers full, virtual editing services for authors of both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.  Here’s how it works: After reading and reviewing your work, Jeff provides detailed chapter-by-chapter analyses from the broad perspectives of plot, narrative development, characterization, point of view and structure.  Suggested revisions are set forth in comprehensive critiques emailed to each writer, followed by telephone or Skype discussions.  In addition, Jeff provides line edits on a hard copy of the manuscript, which is then snail-mailed to the writer for further, detailed analysis.

As with the writing workshops, Jeff offers not only suggestions pertaining to craft but also advice, based on his perspective as a working literary agent, with respect to how to best position each manuscript for the broader publishing market.

Contact Jeff here for further information, including specific fees for all editing services.